Custom Rugs

After you fill out this order request,  we will contact you to go over details  before the order is started. Be sure to email image to and be sure to include name in subject or by text to 865-282-4498.

Almost anything can be made into a unique, handmade rug- logos, album covers, names, original designs, and more.

I open custom commission requests once every month and it is first-come-first-served. Please make sure it is a traceable image.

Custom pricing starts at $80+ shipping subject to change based on design. 

This includes pieces with up to 3 colors. (additional colors +$5)

All commissions of $171 and up require a 50% deposit, once the rug has been started, deposit is non refundable. Full payment is required for commissions $170 or less. Final payment due before shipment.

Rugs are made in the order of request. All orders will be shipped out by the end of the given month (within 2-4 weeks).

Shipping prices vary by weight and size. A final invoice will be sent prior to shipment.

Free local pickup is available for Knoxville, TN area

please read before places orders

Product Information

General Information

There are no refunds for any custom orders all sales are final. I will allow replacements if there were any errors on my part or major damage due to shipping. All item descriptions, sizes and details are made clear on the listings, so make sure to read them over before making your purchase. If you have any questions about an item feel free to reach out to me before purchase.

Please spell check all wording. I copy and paste all wording as typed by you.

I CAN/WILL deny any custom request if I feel it doesn’t reflect my brand or contains any explict/adult content,political tones or country flags.


Feel free to send me a message to discuss your custom order if you have any questions. You can message me here, on Instagram, or on Facebook

Everything is handmade so tiny air bubbles, bumps and slight imperfections are part of the unique characteristics. If you don’t like any bubbles, resin products may not be the best choice for you. Tiny bubbles are unfortunately unavoidable but I do all I can to minimize them.

Edges may be sharp. Items are sanded if needed.

These items are carefully put together. Please treat with care.

From pour to ship it is a week process due to curing time.

Postage is set automatically based on weight and what USPS charges.

All resin pieces are made using FDA compliant, food-grade resin. No chemicals will leech onto your children’s hands and they are safe for play

Resin items are best for ages 3 and up. The size and shape of some items could be a choking hazard and may not be perfectly smooth as each piece is hand sanded, so children should only use with adult supervision. My priority over looks is safety, so I will sand whatever is needed.

Resin is a form of plastic, so the safety measures taken should be in line with any other plastic toy they may play with.

Care Instructions:

Keep out of extreme heat.

Wipe with damp cloth to clean.


As with any glass avoid dropping or throwing.

Beer Can glasses are for cold drinks only.

All glass mugs can be used for cold or hot drinks.

Never freeze cups or mugs.

High quality permanent vinyl are used on all designs unless designs are etched.

Care Instructions:
NOT microwave or dishwasher safe.

DONT SOAK in hot water



*If upon arrival your wire is sticking out of it’s cord, please gently slide the cord from the middle out to cover the ends of the wire – making sure the cord is evenly distributed along the length of the sign.

*If any small threads pop out at the ends of the sign you may snip them carefully ensuring you are only snipping the loose thread. Thereafter the sign should be displayed and not handled too often to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

* The sign should not be forced or bent in any way – due care is required.

Your product(s) can be damaged if:

* too much pressure is applied to the wire.
* they are not handled with care
* they are placed with sharp objects or rough materials (such as velcro) that may catch the threads on the cotton yarn.

Knit wire signs are created for display and to be enjoyed from afar. They are not toys, and not designed to be handled by children. 

We do our best to round the edges of the wire, and use strong wire to make the signs as sturdy as possible. However, if a child were to pull the sign it would misshape the shape or lettering & could damage your sign.  

Please note

As all knitted items are handcrafted, each piece will be unique and slight variances in height or shape may occur. We try our best to represent true colors and shapes in our photos, however please note these may appear different in person compared to on screen.

Each knitted wire name, word, or shape is made to order. As such, no returns or refunds will be offered.

Please also double check the spelling of all custom name orders, as names will be made as entered when the order was placed.